Garden Shed Kits

Garden Shed Kits, Made in Australia by Absco Sheds

Garden shed kits made by AbscoLooking for a great shed kit for your garden? Then look no further than Absco.

Absco specialises in all forms of kit sheds and garages for your outdoor areas. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes and are built from tough Bluescope Steel to ensure long-lasting strength.

Our shed manufactures produce units which are designed and engineered to the highest quality so that you can be guaranteed of having great garden shed kits as well as garage, awning or carport kits. Frames are made from tough galvanised steel, while shed finishes can either be in Zincalume® or a choice of Colorbond® colours.

From small space-saving storage kits to larger sheds, workshops and garage kits, Absco has an extensive range in all shapes and sizes and will no doubt have the right shed kit for you.

You may also want to add some shed accessories to your kit and then take home a complete and practical shed or garage package. Shelving units, flooring packs, skylights and windows are all available to work in with your kit.

Once you have chosen the right shed kit to suit your own specific needs, Absco Delivered will ensure quick delivery of your package to your nearest Absco dealer completely free of charge.

Absco kit sheds also feature the revolutionary SNAP-TiTE® assembly system which reduces the need for fasteners by 75% and reduces your own assembly time by up to 80%.